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Poultry refers to all domesticated species of birds reared for the egg, meat feathers and ornamental purpose. Poultry includes all domestic fowls, including chickens, turkeys, geese and ducks, raised for the production of meat or eggs and the word is also used for the flesh of these birds used as food. Branch of science dealing with the study of poultry is known as poultry science.

According to the dictionary (Courtesy- google) poultry is defined as,

poultry (/ˈpəʊltri/): noun

(Pronounced as powl·tree)

  1. domestic fowl, such as chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese.
  2. the flesh of chickens and other domestic fowl as food.

Usage: “I haven’t eaten red meat for 19 years and poultry for 12 years”

Means the term poultry is used to denote both birds and meat. But commonly term poultry meat is used to denote meat from these birds.

Origin of the term

poultry term origin by google

Middle English: from Old French pouletrie, from poulet ‘pullet’.

Importance of Poultry

Poultry is one of the fastest growing segments of the agricultural sector in India for the last three decades. While the production of agricultural crops has been rising at a rate of 1.5 to 2 per cent per annum, that of eggs and broilers has been rising at a rate of 8 to 10 per cent per annum. As a result, India is now the world’s fifth largest egg producer and the eighteenth largest producer of broilers.

Many people are rearing poultry for religious purpose. They are getting more money during festival seasons. Poultry meat is acceptable to all people. There are no religious taboos that prevent poultry meat consumption. Nowadays poultry meat is the cheapest animal protein source.

Growth in per capita income, growing urban population and falling real poultry prices increases the Potential in the poultry sector. Poultry meat is the fastest growing component of global meat demand, and India, the world’s second largest developing country, is experiencing rapid growth in its poultry sector. In India, poultry sector growth is being driven by rising incomes and a rapidly expanding middle class, together with the emergence of vertically integrated poultry producers that have reduced consumer prices by lowering production and marketing costs. Integrated production, a market transition from live birds to chilled and frozen products, and policies that ensure supplies of competitively priced corn and soybeans are keys to future poultry industry growth in India.

There are a number of small poultry dressing plants in the country. These plants are producing dressed chickens. In addition to these plants, there are five modern integrated poultry processing plants producing dressed chicken, chicken cut parts and other chicken products. There are firms to manufacture egg powder and frozen egg-yolk for export.

Major producers in India:

Tamil Nadu ranks first in poultry egg production in India. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa are the other major chicken egg contributors.

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