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  • Feeders are used to give feed to poultry
  • Different type feeders are there based on various characteristics of birds
    • Age
    • Sex
    • Species and Breed etc.
  • Manual, semi-automatic and automatic feeders are available.

Automatic feeder

  • The feed is supplied to the entire length of the poultry house by specially designed feed troughs with auger type or chain type devices to move the feed from the feed bins to the other end.
  • Are operated with electricity and the height of the feeder can be adjusted depending upon the age of the birds.
Automatic feeder

Linear feeder

  • Usually made of Galvanized Iron and plastic
  • It can as well be made out of any locally available material like wood, bamboo, etc.
  • Birds can stand on either side of the linear feeder.
  • Total feeder space available = 2* length.
  • No of linear feeders = (2 *Length of the feeder) ÷ Feeder space required for birds.
Linear Feeder
Linear Feeder

Circular Feeder

  • These are semi-automatic feeders and can hold 5 to 7 kg feed in its cone at a time.
  • The feed is slowly delivered to the bottom by gravity.
  • These are also called as ‘hanging feeders’.
Circular feeder
  • Plastic feeders are brightly colored (red or blue) to attract layers, especially chicks to feed.
  • No. of hanging feeders = 1.3* (Circumference ÷ Feeder space) with all measurements in cm.

Shell grit box

It is used to provide shell grit to the layer birds as a supplemental source of calcium.

shell grit box


  • PVC tube feeders are another relatively new feeder to be commercially marketed.
  • Also weather proof, tube feeders are a simple design, lightweight, and can be fixed to a wall, fence, post.

PVC tube feeder


  • Relatively new commercial product
  • Generally hold  around 10-20 kg’s of dry feed and some of the top commercial feeders can be quite expensive to buy. 
Thread plate feeder
Thread plate feeder


  • The common commercial feed dispensers come in all sizes usually made of UV resistant plastic.
  • They can be a cost effective feeder ; Galvanized dispensers are more expensive to buy, last longer and are more durable.
Basic feed dispenser
Basic feed dispenser


Made of galvanized steel and good for day-old through 6-week-old chicks. Feeds approx. 30 chicks.

Linear chick feeder with reel


  • The Chick Feeder Tray facilitates newborn chicks to consume feed easily.
  • It provides a hygienic way of feeding and avoids diseases at the preliminary stage.
  • It also reduces the feed wastage and increase the FCR.

Technical Specification

  • Capacity of birds/Drinker         :        50
  • Tray Height                                   :        42 mm
  • Tray Diameter                              :        400 mm
Chick tray


  • These are similar to a trough .
  • Several birds can eat at the same time. These are easy to refill.
  • U” shaped open container fixed to a wall or place a mesh over the top so their heads can just pop through.  
Open container bin


The birds are provided with feed without any feeders, can roamed freely on the farm and lay eggs in all sorts of places.

Feeding by Hand

Automatic feeder

Longitudinal section of a automatic feeder
Atomatic feeder
Parts of a sophisticated automatic feeder

Parent Feeder

  • These Feeders are developed for Broiler Breeders to facilitate separate Male & Female Feeding.
  • To increase the stability of the feeder additional weight pan which can be filled with gravel is provided at the bottom.
  • Males cannot consume the feed from the Female Feeder because of it small grill size and females cannot eat the feed from Male feeder because of its greater height, hence the advantage of separate feeding is achieved.

Technical Specification

  • Capacity of birds/Feeder          : Male :14/Female:16
  • Feed Capacity                             :        2.25 kg.
  • Pan (bottom) Diameter            :        357 mm
  • Grill Size                                      :        73 mm – Male

:        43 mm – Female

Male feeder
Male feeder
Femal feeder

Female feeder                                      Male feeder

Grower Feeders

  • The Grower Feeders eliminates feed wastage
  • Maximum feed level should be for chicks and minimum for growers
  • Height of the feeder is adjustable and should be kept as high as possible
  • The Funnel reduces feed wastage and increase effective feed conversion, help to pouring feed easily, reduce labour and save time.
  • Grills also available for growers.

Technical Specification

Capacity of birds/Feeder          :        50

Feed Capacity                              :        8 – 9 kg.

Cone (top) Diameter                  :        280 mm

Cone Height                                  :        228 mm

Pan (bottom) Dia meter           :        360 mm

Lip Space                                        :        55 mm

Grill Gap                                        :        55 mm

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