Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

The method of rearing chicken in the backyard differs greatly from place to place. Though the housing conditions are almost adequate, proper attention to feeding is practically not given. Therefore attention may be given to these important aspects.

  • Rearing of cross-bred birds like Gramalakshmi, Gramasree, Gramapriya, Rhodowhite etc.
  • Provide well ventilated night shelter. A coop of 120x90x60 cm is satisfactory as a night shelter for 10 layers under the backyard system.
  • Timely vaccinations and deworming. The adult birds are to be vaccinated against Ranikhet disease once in 6 months. Birds are to be dewormed once in alternate months and preferably 1 week prior to vaccination. Periodical oral administration of garlic juice will help to reduce gapeworm infestation.
  • Provide 25-30 g of balanced feed rather than leaving the birds entirely for scavenging. They may be hand-fed with ingredients like broken rice, bran and locally available feedstuffs. Excess feeding of cooked rice causes fattening which in turn reduces egg production. It is better to give dry mash than wet mash. Provide free-choice shell grit as a calcium source.
  • Size of the flock may be decided based on the scavenging area and household waste available. As a thumb-rule, one cent of the scavenging area supports one bird.
  • The character of broodiness is lost in improved varieties as well as cross-bred chicken. Therefore, it is advisable to maintain a few desi chickens which exhibit broodiness so that natural incubation can be practised.

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