Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

Welcome to this hosted informative technical website on various aspects poultry rearing and its management. hosted in the year 2018 to share information with public.

This site is maintained to disseminate knowledge to public, students and farmers.

This site is managed by a single person, by compiling or creating data.

I have limited time to spare on this site. This may affect updation and giving reply to comments etc.

This site doesn’t have any business orientation or is not a profit oriented website.

But advertisement facility will be switched on in this website.

About the Author

I am a Poultry Science Professional from Kerala. I am specialised in poultry science. Currently, I am a teacher, extension officer, researcher and administrator.

Academic Qualifications: BVSc & AH, MVSc (Poultry Science), Ph. D (Poultry Science)

Do you like to become an Author/ Contributor in this website

Feel free to contact me to get author or contributor privileges. Based on your contributions you will get your privilege. This will be beneficial making more data on the website.

Ad revenue, if any, will be shared with the contributors and Authors.

Last year advertisement revenue was zero. So don’t expect this as a big offer.

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