Poultry processing

Processing of Chicken

Processing of the chicken includes all the steps used for conversion of live birds to dressed chicken and its retail cuts include several steps. All the operations should be carried out in hygienic manner to produce wholesome and good quality meat.

selective focus close up photo of emu head


Emus belong to the ratite group and have high economic value for their meat, eggs, oil, skin, and feathers. These birds are adaptable to varied climatic conditions. Although emu and ostrich were introduced in India, emu farming has gained much importance.

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Guineafowl Breeder Management

Guineafowls continue to lay with just a small break of 45 days in confined conditions. Two or three periods of lay is observed in Africa under the intensive system of rearing of birds. In Africa the egg production was higher during the rainy months (ie from April to September; than at other times with peak egg production during the month of July.

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